Conference Scholarships

Hunter Hillel: Student Travel Scholarship

The Hunter Hillel Student Travel Scholarship is a special scholarship fund available to students seeking assistance with travel to leadership conferences. All recipients are required to articulate a plan of how you will bring your new knowledge and experience back to the Jewish community on campus. 

The Travel Fund exists so that students can have leadership development and other travel experiences they might not otherwise be able to afford. To that end, students should apply to the Travel Fund prior to making final plans for the conference/experience in question.

Applications take 3-7 days to review. 

Please answer the following questions in an email to Lisa Buchsbaum Pollack –


Application Questions: 

First Name:                                       .

Last Name:                                         .

Email:                                                .

Phone Number:                                   .

Expected Graduation Date:           


1) Please explain your intended travel – what is the conference/trip? Why are you interested?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2) Please share a link and contact information about the conference/trip you hope to attend:


3) How do you feel you will benefit from this experience – Jewishly and otherwise?


4) What are some ways that you can share the experience and knowledge with students back on campus?


5) Have you participated with this event/trip in the past?  If so, how?  How many times?


6) What is the total cost of travel? Please itemize expenses, registration fees, travel, etc.…..


7) How much funding are you requesting from Hunter Hillel’s Student Travel Fund?


8) Have your requested or received funding from us previously? If so, in what amount? For what purpose?


9) Are you requesting and/or receiving funding for this conference/trip from any other sources?