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Hunter College Hebrew Department

The Hebrew program at Hunter, founded in 1941, is now among the most extensive undergraduate programs in Hebrew in the United States.  The division offers a language sequence for newcomers to Hebrew, as well as literature courses for students with prior background. Other offerings address Hebraic and Judaic history and culture more generally, including text courses in English translation.

The division offers a major in Hebrew; and two minors, one in Hebrew concentrating on language and text study in the original, and the other in Hebraic Studies concentrating on culture and literature in translation.

The two-year sequence of Elementary and Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR 101-102 and 201-202) may be used to fulfill the Hunter College language requirement.

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For advisement and further information, and for proper language placement or exemption from the language requirement, please contact the Program Director, Professor Yitzhak Berger at (212) 772-5058 HW1329. 

Vered Cohen-Rephaeli - Adjunct Professor    Office: HW 1349B   Email:

Batia Tabiv- Adjunct Lecturer   Office: HW 1349B   Email:

Saul B. Troen - Adjunct Professor   Office: HW 1349B   Email:

Samuel Thomas - Adjunct Professor   Office: HW 1349B  Email:

Skimon den Hollander - Adjunct Lecturer  Office: HW 1349B  Email:

Miri Kubovy - Adjunct Professor  Office: HW 1349B   Email:


Hunter College Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is an inter-departmental, multi-disciplinary program offering a 24-credit major leading to a BA degree in Jewish Studies with courses in such fields as history, Hebrew language and literature, English and other literatures, religion, sociology, a political science. It also offers independent study and fieldwork on Jewish subjects and a 12-credit minor.

For a list of the courses required for Jewish Studies Major

Robert M. Seltzer - Program Director   1510  West   (212)772-5490   Program Office   1546 West    (212)772-5542 



Hunter College Religion Studies

The Program in Religion at Hunter College is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive program of religious studies in the City University. It offers over eighty courses, including several courses in aspects of each of the major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) as well as in the traditional religions of Africa, Oceania and the Americas; courses in various methodological approaches to the study of religions; and courses in specific issues (such as faith and disbelief, mysticism, myth and ritual, religious experience, the problem of evil, the meaning of love and sex, and the meaning of death) that are fundamental to all religions.

For a list of all religion courses offers: